Learn the Art and Science of Ranking  any Website Either E-commerce, Informative or Blog using step by step proven and used Techniques 

By a “Practitioner himself for more Targeted Traffic, Leads and Sales

Search Engine Optimization is not a brain surgery, there are basic rules that, if you follow, will bring SUCCESS

This Live Bootcamp Will Bring Up With

 100% Live practical training with case studies

   Be the master of search engine in only 7 days

 Get a Job or a Promotion by learning this skill

 Get More Sales for your Business

 No Need to pay Rs 25,000 – 30,000 to learn the same skill from others

✔  No need to Waste Time by searching through unstructured half cooked Youtube Videos

✔  Get in front of Your Customers and build a Brand Name for yourself

✔  Get More Leads and Close more Clients

✔  No need to Waste Time in figuring everything yourself

✔  Open an Agency and Offer SEO as a Service

Price Increasing To Rs.1414/- In


Actual Price [5000/-]

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Register before May 30, 2020 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 50,000. Workshop starts on 7th June.

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You will be learning from a Practitioner who has generated results like these:

I have been doing SEO from past 4 years, I have build some of my own blog and Helping to 50+ national & international Clients to rank #1 in Google.


Perhaps you own a small business, and your success depends on your Web site. Maybe you’re a Web developer, and you want to do a better job for your clients–and your clients do want SEO!–or you are responsible for your employer’s Web site and are feeling pressure to get it ranked in the search engines. Or maybe you have hired an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company and are not sure that they are doing a good job…or are about to hire an optimization company and have heard the SEO horror stories from friends and colleagues.

Whatever your situation, this “7 Days Live Online search Engine Mastery Bootcamp”, will take you through the process step-by-step, with commonsense advice and simple examples. 

Here is What you will Learn Inside this Live Online Bootcamp

✔  Module 1 – basic Of SEO (What & How Search Engine Works)

✔  Module 2 – Keyword research (The half bettel of SEO)

✔  Module – 3 Site Structure & Content (How to write the content that rank #1 in Google)

✔  Module – 4 Technical SEO & GSC (Optimise your website google & user friendly)

✔  Module -5 Link Building (How to build quality backlinks)

✔  Module – 6 Local SEO ( How to rank without Website)

✔  Module – 7 Website Audit, SEO Checklist, Proposal Making, Client Pitching

Watch the recording of 1st Class of SEO mastery Bootcamp 1.0 to Ensure the quality you will get in such a cheap price

If you have ever dreamed of getting to top #1 position in Google search results, then you’ve come to the right course. Click on the ‘Take this course’ green button on the top-right corner to enroll now.

Once You Rank #1 In Google

✔  Your brand name will be popular

✔  You will be invited for exclusive product releases in your niche

✔  Your business / ad revenue will grow 2X to 100X based on your current position

✔  Your unique visitors per day, subscribers will increase

✔  You will only get targeted traffic to your website

✔  You will have no need to pay for google ads any more

✔  You will not have to pay to SEO to agencies & Freelancer

✔  You can watch what your Intern or employee doing for you

✔  You can charge people by  helping them to rank #1 in Google

✔  You will be bypassing your competitors


Get Bonus worth 50,000 with the Bootcamp 2.0

Bonus 1 – Cheat sheet of Website Audit Report

Bonus 2 – Report Sheet which i am using for my clients

Bonus 3 – Ready to send proposal to acquire new clients

Bonus 4 – Life time access of recorded videos

Bonus 5 Personal assistance with private whatsapp Group

Bonus 6 – Free 30- minutes coaching call where we can discuss your SEO 


Now or Never

You’ll also hear about what is often the hardest part about search engine optimization, linking, getting links from other sites pointing back to yours. I’ll explain in detail why this is so important, how links should be structured, and how to get them.

You will Be Master in After this Bootcamp


  • How to Increase the amount of time people spend on your site
  • How to boost Massively click-through rate with a rarely used technique
  • How to Build links from high SEO visibility sites
  • How to Put your links and site on the 1st page of Google every time
  • How to Finding Places to Get Great Links to Your Site
  • How to Master Technical SEO factors – The entry ticket to search Engines
  • How to Get indexed by search engines faster
  • How to Start ranking your blog/pages in no time


Who Is This Bootcamp For?

  • This course is for anyone looking to improve their position in the search results
  • Anyone who wants to provide SEO services
  • Anyone who wants to rank their own websites
  • Affiliate marketers who want to generate more income
  • Bloggers who want to write about the right topics
  • Website owners who want to increase their organic search engine rankings
  • Web designers who want to properly set-up websites to help them better rank in search engine results
  • Anyone interested in optimizing their own website instead of hiring an SEO company ultimately saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars
  • Online marketers who need an understanding of SEO

Schedule of the Class

You are not the first one, People are already taking advantage From bootcamp 1.0

I have attended 100+ webinars and workshops but his workshop was quite different from others. I learned from the initial stage to the final. His curated content and mind-blowing live examples were just amazing. No one can give you such a deep session and go out of the way to teach you. He gonna give a fire to your knowledge in digital marketing. Above all, his workshop tasks are so interesting that you’ll learn a lot while doing workshop’s tasks. Thank you so much for giving me a boost in my blogging career.
Shashikant Paswan
Kudos to Mr.Hemant Vyas (Sir). His digital marketing sessions are really informative, inspiring and most importantly very clearly explained with an aprropriate mix of hindi and English. These teaching technique makes him apart and reliable in the ongoing online teaching digital race. The other thing I liked the most is that he cares for his students and is ready to solve their queries at any point of time. Really a true teacher by heart and deeds I see Him, as an emerging and promising digital expert.
Varun Agarwal
Ecommerce Go Live Expert
Hemant vyas is a emerging digital market expert, i can say that without any doubt as i am also the one who was a part of te free blogging workshop now the catch is that there are other's who are also doing the same thing but things that differentiate hemant from others is that he wants everyone to grow together and he want the society to learn something that is important or beneficial rather than selling something and earnings he have given the workshops for free but have built connections with uncountable, he believes that alone you can't grow for that you need people and that's a great part of a mentor, my journey had been so wonderful through his workshops on this lockdown and wish my mentor/brother with great success.
Abhay Pareek
I am Jignasa Sinha. I was totally new to blogging and website and this virtual world. In this Lockdown period , I gone through many ads related blogging and digital marketing. I attended 2 3 webinars of other digital marketers. But what I learned from Hemant Sir's webinar was unbelievable. I created my website, I wrote blogs. I set security for my website. I did many things which Hemant sir explained in his webinar. Most important thing is that he answered each questions during webinar as well as after webinar also. He is always ready to solve my doubts. Many times my questions were stupid, but he has mind blowing passion. I was able to utilize this lockdown period with great creativity and knowledge. I am so thankful to his efforts and passion. Thank you Hemant sir. Wish you great journey ahead. 🙏�
Jignasa Sinha

Hello to all, I am Hemant Vyas. I am Digital marketer who helps people in making money.

Now how to do I exactly help them in doing so?

With the help of my training and services I guide people in generating leads and increase their sales.

In the year 2013, I started my career with Direct marketing company when I was merely 18 years old. I worked with and lead a team of 450 people and was successful in selling 5 million worth products.

Gradually I was inclined towards Digital Marketing.  And in the year 2017 I chose Digital Marketing as my career. I dreamt of becoming a successful marketer by leaning and working more on my skills.

The field of Digital Marketing really fascinated me and encouraged me to explore it more. Soon I started my career as Freelancer which led into connecting me with big successful brands. I got the opportunity to work with top brands like Academy, NIEM Institute, MCC and Veena Music.

My hard work and dedication bore its fruit and I became a Digital Marketing consultant for Veena Music Company Rajasthan.

In a pursuit to share my learning and experiences with others I started a Digital Marketing Institute named as Digital Orix. Here I successfully trained more than 500 students with classroom and workshops trainings. Now we provide online trainings only in order to increase the reach to more and more people.

Now I am a Co-founder and CEO of Polysol InfoTech Pvt. Ltd which is a Digital Marketing Agency. Here we help our clients in generating leads, serving SEO, E-com Marketing, and personal branding. It is a complete Digital marketing solution. We have rendered our service successfully to over 20 clients.

I can assure you that this is just the beginning for me. I have a lot in my mind to achieve yet. But along with this journey of mine I want to lead other likeminded people like me to achieve their goals too.

I am deeply inspired by the moving words of Arnold H. Glasgow that “Make your life a mission- not an intermission”.

So here I am with a small mission of mine which is to help around 10 lacs of people in their career and business by guiding them with my own experiences and knowledge. I am dedicated to complete my mission.

To do so, I have recently started a blog namely Build with Hemant.  My vision towards this blog is to help as much as people I can in achieving their dreams by leading them and sharing my thoughts with them in a wider spectrum.

To put in simple words, I want to be the pole star of Digital Marketing by guiding and helping people dedicatedly to reach their desired destinations which they dreamt of.