How To Start a blog In 2020 & Make Money – Beginners Guide

So you are thinking of starting a blog? Well, pal, that’s a great idea then!

Are you thinking of earning a source of passive income? Then blogging is the right career for you.

I bet that your mind currently is flooded with a lot of questions such as: How to create a blog? How to start your own blog? How to become a blogger? What is a blog? How to start a blog? What is blogging? From where should I get it started? What should I write about?

You have come to the right place then as I am here to share some useful blogging tips with you all.

Don’t get confused and start reading this blog carefully to guide you well on blogging for beginners. I can say that by the end of this article you won’t be confused anymore about blogging.

So Why You Should Start Blogging

Blogging is a rapidly increasing platform which lets you connect with a lot of people by communication, spreading information and news. Blogging is a great way of earning passive income. Some benefits of blogging are:

  • You can express your thoughts in a better and powerful way with people.
  • You can improve your writing skills.
  • It will help you in earning money.
  • You can build a professional network with the help of blogging.
  • You can do marketing with the help of blogging.
  • You will get more exposure with the help of your blog.

So these are only some of the benefits of blogging which you can get after starting your career as a blogger.

Why Should You Follow My Blogging advice?

This is indeed a right question to ask.

Let me introduce myself to you all.

Hey guys I, Hemant Pareek, am a successful digital marketer and a director of a budding Digital Marketing Agency Polysol InfotechPvt. Ltd.

I have been helping students’ offline since a long time and they have been benefitted by following my advice on how to start blogging. One such example of a student who has been successful in blogging is the blogger of YourBiowiki blog.

I think it’s high time that I share my experiences on blogging and other such related topic to you all with the help of this blog. BuildwithHemant is my approach towards learning, experiencing and sharing it all with my viewers.

Steps to start a blog from scratch:

Starting a blog is not a tough job until you follow proper guidance on creating it. To make it easy for you to understand I would like to share with you some useful steps on how to create a blog for free. Here are 9 easy steps How to start a blog in 2020 through which you can create a blog with ease:

1. Choose a perfect Niche for your blog:

How to make money from blogging?

Selection of a Niche is the most important step to start blogging. Many blooming bloggers fails in this very first step and end up quitting blogging after a few months only.

First of all understand what a niche is. A niche is not simply just a topic but it has many sub topics in it. It is an area that you choose to work on in order to share your thoughts with other people and work on it to solve the problems related to that niche.

Many bloggers select niche which are considered to be profitable but after a point of time they get bored of it because they didn’t had any interest in the niche which they selected. If you are selecting a niche which doesn’t interest you then you eventually will give up writing on it.

My advice to you in this regard is that don’t select a niche randomly just because it is said to be profitable. Select a niche in which you are interested to work on.

Though it should be kept in mind that profitability and passion should go hand in hand while you are selecting a niche. After all the purpose of writing a blog is to earn profit while exploring, experiencing and sharing your thoughts with people.

Are you still wondering that how should you select a perfect niche for you and how to create a blog?

No worries guys! Let me tell you a short, simple and effective trick to find out a niche for you.

If you are confused about pointing out the right Niche for you then the best method to find out about it is to take out a pen and paper and start writing on these points:

  • Think about some topics that you are interested on.
  • Find out the topic that interests you most and write it down.
  • Find that which topic can be chosen as a niche ad has enough affiliate programs.

And writing the above mentioned points start answering these questions to your own self:

Is the Niche that I have chosen Profitable enough?

  • Does it have enough affiliate programs?
  • Does it have a sound volume of keywords?
  • Am I interested in working on this niche?
  • Can I share the articles based on this niche?
  • Can I make any difference and solve problems by writing on this niche?

By the end of this self questioning session you will surely find out the perfect niche that you are passionate about and are profitable too. The combination of profit and passion will surely keep you motivated to work smartly and dedicatedly.

2. Write down Your Blog goals:

How to start own Blog?

The very next step on how to create your own blog is that you should set some goals related to your blog. Now most of you must be thinking that the ultimate goal of running a blog is to earn profit from it. Well pal that’s not it.

To reach your ultimate you need to do good planning of it. Let me tell you it briefly that how you should set your goals related to blogging.

The very first step is to keep a simple document on whatever you are planning to do to create your new blog. Write down about the aims, goals or tasks that you wish to achieve in long as well as short term plans.

Now the very important thing that you must to do here is to avoid planning unrealistic goals for your blog. Having high expectations can really pressurize and slow down your work. So to avoid this you must keep attainable and smart goals for your blog.

For example you can write down about the tasks which you want to complete within a given time. You can select a date when you will be completing writing and creating you log’s profile, back links, complete the About Me page of the blog and so on.

Select different dates for the tasks and try to complete them as planned by marking them as goals and aims that you want to achieve. This will keep you motivated to complete your blog’s tasks in time.

3. Selection of Domain Name:

Selection of a Domain name is a simple yet thoughtful step while creating a blog. A Domain name is your internet address through which you and your blog will be known to other people.

Most of the new bloggers worry too much about picking up a catchy domain name and waste too much time on it. My suggestion is that you should choose a domain name which is broad enough so that you can revolve with it if it is required. Don’t be too specific while choosing a domain name.

Here are some blogging tips to choose the right domain for your new blog and on how to start blogging:

Simplicity: As we all know that simplicity is appreciated everywhere. The same you can apply while choosing your domain name. Keeping a long and complicated domain name will result into hard for people to memorize it. If you choose a simple and short domain name it will be easy for people to remember it.

Keyword: This is one of the smartest ways of choosing a domain name. You can choose you main keyword as your domain name. This is a win-win situation as you have got your domain name which will help you in SEO too.

Numbers: From my personal point of you I strictly recommend you not to use numbers as your domain name. I mean let’s be honest it takes time for you to memorize your own new phone number. So it will be troublesome for people to memorize your domain name if you use number in it.

TLD extension: While choosing the domain name you should select an extension which has an approach globally. You can choose ‘.com’ as your domain extension in this context.

By following these steps you can surely find out a brand-able domain name for your blog.


4. Choose best web hosting and Domain Registrar:

The most significant step of a site is to choose a web host in order to set their site on a server through which your site can be accessible to other people. Your blog won’t be visible on the internet if you don’t have a web hosting account.

How to start a blog in India then what should you do to make your site visible?

A web hosting provider should be chosen which provides top notch security, lets your site run without any interruption, and does integration with WordPress. These things will have a direct influence on the performance of the blog.

For beginners in blogging the best option is to select a shared hosting plan as it will be more convenient for you. If you are confused that which web hosting platform should be chosen for your blog the I would like to suggest some reliable, affordable and popular platforms for you.

Here are some web hosting platforms that I would like to suggest you:


Namecheap web hosting providers is a reliable platform which offers great stability, data protection and lets your site run without any interruption. Namecheap gives 30 days refund guarantee to its users if they are not satisfied with their service after 30 days of signing up.

Their plans start from $1.44/ month. It offers a varied range of other plans so that users can choose as per their requirements. It is best known for deploying WordPress to its users. Namecheap also provides free SSL certificates. It is an affordable web hosting platform.



Bluehost is a budget friendly web hosting platform for beginners as it offers free domain name too its users for the first year and also comes with money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its service within 30 days of signing up.

Their plans start from Rs. 199/ month which are quite affordable. It offers several other plans to choose from. Bluehost is one of the best web hosting platforms which provides WordPress to its users and also offers free SSL certificate.

After selecting the right web hosting for your blog you need to register your domain to hosting for which I would like to recommend Godaddy website for a quick setup. Let’s focus on the steps of connecting the domain name to hosting here:

  • The very step you need to do is to click log in to the Godaddy account of yours.
  • Then click on the web hosting.
  • After clicking on the hosting account you need to click on ‘Manage’.
  • After the page is accessible select Hosted Domains from More Menu.
  • After select it click on the Add Domain option.
  • Domain field option will pop up where you need to mention your Domain name.
  • After this option you have successfully registered Domain name to web hosting.
  • Now you need to install WordPress.

After following these simple steps that I have mentioned above you will be able to connect your domain name with hosting successfully. Now let us move to the next step starting a blog.

Click on the link given below to know more about other such web hosting providers:


5. Choosing a blogging platform:

In this step you need to choose best blogging platform for your blog. There are two types of blogging platforms: Free and self hosted.

Which one should you choose then and how to start a blog for free?

There are many such free platforms like Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress that can be used by bloggers. But by opting a free platform in order to publish your blog means that you are letting the platform own it.

There are certain rules and regulations that you are to follow on a free platform. There are certain limitations on ads, contents and other such categories with such platforms.

It is recommended to choose a self hosted platform for blogging if you are serious about it.

There are several self hosted platforms which lets you run your blog with your own domain name. These platforms let you to be in charge of the content and blog fully. It offers you various choices in Content Management System.

One such reliable platform is WordPress.org which lets you use your own name and web hosting space as it is a self hosted platform. WordPress.org is indeed one of the most popular and reliable self hosted platform.

You must be thinking that How to start a blog on wordpress?

WordPress provides you powerful tools for blogging. The Contented Management System or CMS in WordPress is free and is an open source platform. You can publish blogs here with great ease as it is quite flexible. WordPress can be said a platform literally for blogging.

Selecting a self hosted platform is a best option to choose for your blog. You only need to pay some monthly charges to these platforms in order to run your blog smoothly. Such platforms even help you in maintaining an ecommerce blog.

Click on the link given below to know in detail about WordPress and other platforms:

6. Installing WordPress:

The very next step that you need to do is to install WordPress. Installing WordPress is an easy task to do. However I would like to share an easy guide of installing WordPress site with you and how to start blog on wordpress so that you can install it in no time.

The steps of Installing WordPress site are as follows:

  • The very first step hat you need to do is that you need to go to your siteground account or an account that you have purchased and log in to it.
  • Click on the “start of a website” on the website in order to create a new brand website.
  • From the given options click on the software that you wish to install.
  • Then click on WordPress to install the software.
  • Next, fill in the required details of your website to log in.
  • After filling the details you need to press on the “complete” option given on the page.
  • After it is set up go on the customer area by pressing on the proceed button.
  • Then from the menu click on the ‘My account’ option> Installing Tab.
  • Then to open your dashboard you need to click on the ‘Go to Admin Panel’ option.
  • Fill in the log in details which you choose at the time of installation when the page is redirected to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Lastly, click on the log in button. And Tada! You have successfully set up wordpress Website.

It is important to save, bookmark or write down your passwords and wordpress URL links in case you forget them as they are significant information through which you will be able to log in again.

7. Select the right theme:

Now that you have installed WordPress the very next step to focus on the looks of blog and theme which such grab attention from audience. Your themes should be impressive so that you can get enough traffic and audience with a perfectly designed theme.

WordPress too offers free themes but a thing which you need to keep in mind is that free themes are easily hackable which means you will always be on the edge on losing your website data.

So to avoid hacking you should invest on some themes and plugins which will cost you only a few bucks but will ensure that your website data is safe and sound with you. Overall it’s all about attracting traffic and audience so invest in great looking designed themes to do so.

Are you wondering that which theme should you select or purchase to make your blog look impressive? How to become a blogger? Then I would like to suggest Generatepress in this regards.

Generatepress is one of the most popular themes used by pro bloggers. I personally too recommend Generatepress as it offers lightest themes which are easy to use. The design of the themes are professional, it loads the website quickly and is easy to customize them. For your new blog Generatepress’ themes are the best to attract traffic and audience with its tempting themes.

One thing that you should check before selecting a theme is that whether it is mobile responsive, optimize able and customizable or not.

Click here to know more about theme providing platforms:

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8. Install Important Plugins:

In order to opti0  mize your content, to get SEO and speed plugins are the most integral part that is required to do so. WordPress offers a lot of plugins to choose from.

There are some plugins that I would like to recommend you as I too use them personally. Here is a list of plugins that are worth a try:


Elementor are plugins that are used to design any page. It offers a drag and drop functionality which makes it quite easy for you to create and design your page the way you dreamed it. Elementor plugins lets you create an amazingly designed page with utmost ease as it is light weight plugins.


Yoast offers one of the best SEO plug-in. It provides a load of features such as optimization of keywords, interlinking of suggestions, gives preview of your page on in Google and social media and many more such features. It works in a very significant way to drive more traffic to your blog website.

Tiny MCE Advanced:

Tiny MCE Advanced is a plug-in which lets you edit your blog well with the help of its text editor. It offers customization, flexibility and ease in designing with the help of its rich editor. Some of the features that Tiny MCE Advanced plug-in offers are PowerPaste, Spell Check Pro, Uploading Image, Accessibility Checker, Link Checker, Advance Code Editor and so on.

Monster Insight:

Monster Insights is considered as one of the best Google Analytics Plug-in. It is a user friendly plug-in which lets you insert Google analytics tracking code with great ease. Some of the features that Monster Insights Plug-in provides are Google Optimization, universal tracking, quick report on your Google Analytics Dashboard, real-time stats, best ecommerce tracking and more such features.


WPforms is considered as one of the most worth mentioning WordPress form builder. It is a user friendly plug-in through which you can build forms in no time. It offers tons of features such as well designed templates, drag and drop functionality for building forms, mobile responsive forms, spam protection, marketing and subscriptions and more.

Rank Math SEO:

Rank Math SEO is one of the most used plugins that is popular with many pro bloggers. It is an SEO based plugins that lets your website drive significant traffic. If you want to drive more SEO and rank your blog website then you should definitely go with Rank Math SEO.

Thrive Leads:

Thrive Leads lets you collect the emails of your readers. It provides a lot of significant features like sticky ribbon, screen filler overlay, popup light box and many more to make you website look more impressive and active.

So these are some top and most powerful plug-ins that I have mentioned above. You can use these on your website with ease. The next step that you should do is to install a plug-in.

You can install a plug-in which ever you want to with great ease by following these easy steps that I have mentioned here. Here is a short and simple guide on how to install plug-in:

  • The very first step is to go on the wordpress dashboard of yours.
  • After this you need Add New from the Plugins option.
  • Then you need to upload your Zip file.
  • Now, Click on the install now button shown on the page.
  • Select the active button after installing the plug-in.

Now that you have installed the plug-in successfully let’s focus on the next step on how to start a blog in India.

Click on the link given below to know more about Plugins:

9. Start writing articles on blogs and drive traffic from Google:

Finally we have come to the very last and most important step of blogging. Now you should focus on writing a post on your niche and focus on how to become a blogger.

To create a post you need to go to your dashboard of your website. After which you need to click on Post option and then click on the Add New option there.

After doing so you will land up on your new post where you can start writing a post on any topic related to your niche.

You must be thinking on how to write a blog?

Here are some blogging tips for writing a SEO friendly post:

  • To find a topic for your blog focus on keyword research related to your niche. By doing so you will find many relevant and powerful topics for keywords on your blog. This will help you in ranking your blog.
  • Use powerful words to create an eye catching title of the blog.
  • Use long-tailed keywords in order to rank your blog a bit easier.
  • Adding images, writing lengthy post, and dealing with the topic in detail can attract more visitors to your blog post.
  • Always try to optimize your content.
  • Use personal pronouns like I and You in your post. It will help you connect with your audience more.
  • Use images which are copyright free.

These are some tips through which you can become a pro at blogging and run a blog successfully by getting popularity in no time.

Ways To Make Money From Blogging :-

  • By running ads on your site:

This is one of the simplest ways of earning money from blogging. You can monetize your blog by letting run ads on your site.

These ads can be related to your niche as you can opt to select ads that are based on the topics that you are writing or you can run any ads on your blog site as per the choice of the advertiser.

In this context of ads service provider, Google Adsense is considered to be the most popular one.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

You can monetize you blog by enrolling in affiliate marketing programs. In these programs you team up with retailers to carry out sales and promote their products in order to get benefited and get commission for it.

You have to be credible enough to encourage your visitors to clink on the promotional links since your commission depends on successful affiliate sales. Some of the most popular affiliate programs that you can enroll are on Amazon, ShareASale and more.

  • Selling your own products and services:

If you want to up game your blogging career and you are more towards entrepreneurship side then this is the best way to monetize you blog. You can start selling your own services and products with the help of your blogging site.

Once your blog has gained certain amount of popularity you can start selling your services or products immediately by using plugins that will let you integrate into your blog.

One of the most popular plugins in this context is Woocommerce plugins.

  • By selling your online course or eBook:

If you are great a writing then this the opportunity you must grab. You can start selling your content from your blog in the form of a downloadable book. You can sell your eBook independently as well as on other platforms.

One of the most popular platforms to start selling your eBook is on Amazon with their kindle Direct Publishing Platform.

  • Sponsored post:

This is another great way of monetizing your blog. You can write sponsored post by promoting advertisers products or services on your blog. In the sponsored post you will be writing good characteristics of the product and services of the advertisers in order to promote their sales.

By doing so, you can earn extra income from your blog post. Once your blog reaches to a certain level of popularity you will be approached by many promoters for the sponsored posts eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

By now you may be have been thinking about many questions which may have risen in your mind. Let me answer some basic questions for you:

What is Blogging?

Blogging concerns with a set of skills required to run and control a blog on internet. It requires certain equipped tools to create a blog, write content, posting it, sharing the post’s content, linking it and in many other such process.

A blog can be written on any topic which interests people. A blogger can write on any topic which interests him/her or on a niche which they have chosen. They focus on every aspect of their niche and tend to solve problems related to it for their audience. Blogging is a vast emerging platform to showcase your thoughts with people.

How much money can we make from blogging?

Earning money with Blogging totally depends on the effort of the blogger. You can earn from a few dollars to millions by just blogging. There are various source of income which you can get by blogging.

Some of such extra income sources are: Sponsored post, running ads on your site, affiliate marketing, selling products/ services and selling online eBooks.

It is traffic based functionality. The more audience visits your blog. The more you get paid as Blogging pays on per click. Drive more traffic to your website and get paid more.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

The cost of starting a blog totally depends on the blogger. Bloggers who are blogging for hobby can get a blog for free. On the other hand, bloggers who take blogging more seriously are said to be requiring certain tools for blogging efficiently.

There are two types of platforms to choose from when you start a new blog: free and paid ones. Both the platforms are good but free blogging platforms will have too much restrictions and rules to follow in comparison to the paid ones.

For a domain name you need to invest $10 a month. As for hosting it may cost $3 to $10 a month. If you want get some additional themes from WordPress or any other marketing tools then it may cost $30 to $60 which is totally based on your choice.

So if you look at the final expenses of creating a blog then it may cost you around $30 to $60 per year.


To conclude, it can be said that you can have a blooming career as a successful blogger if you really are serious about blogging. Choose the perfect niche for you, choose right platforms and tools and start blogging today.

 If you have read this blog on How to start a blog in 2020 carefully then you do know what you need to do next. Follow my blogging tips that I have mentioned here and start fulfilling your dream of becoming a successful blogger.

I hope that my post was informative to you and has motivated you in a right way to start blogging in a more realistic approach. Thank you for reading y post. Happy Blogging!

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